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  • adbarometer

    Ad barometer

    In the harsh media noise that exists today could be decisive if and which receiving the advertisement may be on the market.

  • market barometer

    Market barometer

    Market barometer consists of a targeted mailings to a specific audience, such as Carpenter, IT engineers, doctors etc..

  • Staffbarometer

    Staff barometer

    The company's success is dependent on employee commitment and loyalty!

  • brandbarometer

    Brand barometer

    The brand's strength will continue to be the most crucial to winning customer confidence.

  • housingbarometer

    Housing barometer

    Villa Survey is a name for Svemas new product that complements the brand barometer. The target audience is 10 000 homeowners.

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    About us

    You can read more about our company and what we stand for by clicking on the link above!

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    To work at Svema

    Read our workers profiles, learn more about our SveMa family.

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  • 1 We guide businesses right into the future
    Svema shall on clients' behalf carry out accurate surveys that are of quality and cost effective in an innovative manner in the Internet environment
  • 2 Vision
    SveMa shall become the European market's most time-and cost-effective partner to do innovative research in the Internet environment.
  • 3 Motivational
    We believe that motivated employees do a better job. Therefore we make an effort to find out what our employees motivated and see that they get it.
  • 4 Profitability
    We provide market research with the same content as traditional research institutions but at a significantly lower price.
  • 5 Customer oriented
    We put customer needs and quality in the focus. SveMa is a quality focused company because we know that quality pays. We are a learning company, which is why we encourage our people to constantly question, examine test new approaches. And not least, evaluating both their work and their work performance.
  • image1 Surveys

    In order to develop a company with its services and products it needs necessary feedback from the user

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                                e2 Offers

    What do you need to survey? We have tools & method! Take the chance to evaluate our services.

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    Read more about SveMa AB.

Welcome to SveMa Svenska Marknadsundersökningar AB

SveMa AB, a subsidiary of the SMRI, Strategic Market Research Institute. SMRI is the parent of a small privately owned company with subsidiaries both in and outside of Sweden. We are a relatively young company in a traditional industry which has annual sales of 3 billion. Our headquarters are located in Gothenburg, with branches in Hungary and Norway.

SveMa's core and main competitive advantage lies in being a low-cost, which means that since the "our course change" in 1999, we have methodically built up the organization, procedures, systems and delivery networks with quality and cost as their primary objective.

Latest News

We have moved

We have moved the headquarters to comply with our growing bussines. See us at our new office in Mölnlycke.

Publication in Svensk Verkstad

2012-05-22 At the end of month Maj VarumärkesBarometern will be published in Svensk Verkstad, take a look at the Survey at :

Sweden survey - TV-annex

VarukmärkesBarometer was published today on TV-annex of Expressen , GT and Kvällsposten , read more on