We have packaged our most common surveys!

In order to develop a company with its services and products, necessary feedback from the user / target group is needed. Feedback is only available by asking the user. Surveys are conducted in many different areas and for many different purposes. For example, the target audience can be staff, customers, site visitors, or any other audience or activity that is interesting for your business development.

If you need any special or custom type of survey, please contact us and tell us about your needs!

We work customer-oriented with focus on cost-effectiveness

We put the customer’s needs and quality into focus. SveMa is a quality-focused company because we know that quality is worthwhile. We are a learning company, why we encourage our employees to constantly question, investigate and try new ways. And not least, evaluate both their duties and their work performance.

We can offer market research with the same content as traditional research institutes, but at a significantly lower price.

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